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I have been getting a lot of requests for this recipe. I was too occupied with things around and was not getting time to post. Finally all the work at my place is completed and I am here πŸ˜€ I once shared whole wheat bread recipe in one of the food groups and got lots and lots of queries. In this post, I will try mentioning whatever little I know about baking.

Whole wheat breads are a little denser than white breads and is a little tricky to make. So if you are baking for the 1st time, I would not suggest you to bake this bread. First try your hands on basic white bread and than on this bread. You can check the recipe here. Also read the tips shared there nicely.

When I posted this recipe earlier, it was a little different. That recipe uses honey and milk powder, but then not everyone uses honey or milk powder and were requesting for their replacements. I had no idea back then as that was a fool proof recipe. So now I thought of replacing honey with sugar, oil with butter and milk powder with gluten.

Gluten formation is important for wheat breads. I have used wheat gluten in the recipe which can be replaced by milk powder too. But you need to use one of the two ingredients.

For details on Gluten, Please google. Gluten is easily available online or baking stores..

Bread baking takes a lot of time say 3 to 4 hours. But You got to work just for some 15 or 20 minutes (which is not a big deal) and you will see the magic happening on its own πŸ™‚

Kneading is one of the most important factors of a good bread loaf. Please knead it for good 10 minutes or more if you want a good soft loaf.

Please remember, all the ovens are different so baking time will differ. Your oven might take a little more or less time to bake.


3 cups Whole wheat flour (I use aashirwad aata). Pillsbury works well too.
1/4 cup honey or 2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt or per ur taste
4 tbsp milk powder (I use everyday) or 1 tbsp gluten
2 tbsp oil/softened butter
2 tsp instant yeast
1 to 1/4 cup water(depends on the quality of the flour and weather as well)
1 tbsp oil to knead


** If using honey, add 1/2 tsp of sugar to the yeast mixture and let it froth. Add honey to the flour directly. Rest procedure remains the same **

Mix sugar in 1/4 cup of warm water. Add yeast to it, stir and let it sit for 10 minutes. The mixture will turn frothy and its good to go. If not, discard it and make a new yeast mixture.

In a mixing bowl, sieve flour, gluten and salt together. Add butter and yeast mixture. Mix together everything using a spatula. Slowly start adding remaining warm water to it and make a dough. Dough will not be very sticky. Knead the dough for good 10 minutes with your hands very nicely till you get a soft and pliable dough. Once the dough is ready, cover it with a damp warm wet cloth (I keep the wet cloth in the oven, heat it for 30 seconds and cover) and keep it in a warm place to ferment. Let the bread rise for 1 hour. You will see the dough has doubled after an hour. If not, keep it for some more time (not more than 2 hours).
Now deflate the risen dough using your hands and knead very gently again for 2-3 minutes . Once done transfer the dough to a bread baking pan and cover it (This time I cover the pan with a very very big patila as the dough will rise again). Let the dough sit like that for 30 to 45 minutes. Once the dough has risen, bake it in a preheated oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Once out of the oven, apply butter or oil all over the bread. Done!! Let it cool completely before slicing it.


* Always use good quality yeast. Bluebird is a bad option. Spend in a good quality and it will be worth it. Eg. Gloripan yeast or red star yeast. I use nature harvest instant yeast. Red star and nature harvest are available online.

* Use softened butter, not melted. I would suggest to use butter only, not oil.

* All the ovens are different so temperature may vary. Please keep an eye on ur bread when you bake it.

* The 1st rise of the dough is important. Give at least an hour or more if needed for the dough to double but not more than 2 hours.Mine generally doubles in an hour.

* Let the dough rest for just 30 to 45 minutes during the 2nd rise. Not more than 45 minutes. Or just let it sit only till you see it rising and reaching the pan level.

* Don’t use a wet cloth to cover the dough for 2nd rise as the dough will stick to the cloth and might deflate when you take out the cloth. Use a big patila (used for boiling milk) for 2nd rise.

* I have a convection oven and it takes me 40 mins to bake one bread loaf. I always bake in 180 degree. In case the top starts to brown soon, cover it lightly with aluminum foil.

* Keep ur dough to rise in a warm place. You can also wet a damp cloth, warm it for 30 seconds in the microwave, cover the dough with the warm cloth and Keep it inside the oven.

* U can also use 50% wheat flour and 50% maida or 80 % wheat flour and 20 % maida.

* Use oil to grease your hand while kneading the dough. But do not make the dough too oily.

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