Beetroot pasta for kids

I am not a pasta fan so pasta is mostly cooked only for my son. I keep experimenting with it because I know when it’s pasta, he will never say no 🤣 Added beetroot to the pasta and it turned out well. He has been enjoying pastas ever since he started eating independently (from 8 months on wards), so glad we invested in one high chair when he was 7 months old and it has helped us in so many ways.¬† The recipe is super simple and healthy as well. I added cheese to my portion and lots of chili flakes. This is a good way to include veggies in their diet and makes an excellent meal especially on their food rejection days. I mostly prepare this using durum wheat pasta but you can always choose to use pasta of our choice. Make it for your kids or your family, I am sure they will love it.

You might also want to check spinach pasta that I make for my little pasta lover.


1 cup cooked pasta of your choice
1 medium roughly chopped beetroot
1 small roughly chopped carrot
3 garlic, Grated or chopped garlic
Salt to taste
Pasta seasoning to taste
Freshly ground pepper powder to taste


Cook beetroot and carrot in a pressure cooker. Once the lid opens, puree them. Now in a pan, take butter, add chopped garlic sauté for a few seconds, add beetroot carrot puree along with salt and seasoning. Mix and cook for a minute or so and add cooked pasta to it. Mix and cook for a few more minutes and switch off the gas. Done. Serve it with grated cheese or just like that.


Don’t add too much water while pressure cooking beetroot and use that water to make puree.

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