Beetroot smoothie

Smoothies makes a perfect breakfast during summers. Doesn’t require any cooking and keeps you full for quite a long time. Smoothies are a family favorite and we make them quite often for breakfast. We especially love having smoothies during summers when standing in the kitchen for a long time becomes difficult. I made this smoothie with overnight oats and beetroot. Its delicious and the taste of beetroot is not evident so good option for those who detest beetroot. Its quite easy to make as well.


1 cup oats
1 to 1/4 cup milk
1 small or medium beetroot, roughly chopped
Fruits of your choice (banana or mango goes really well)
Nuts of your choice
Honey to taste
Some milk to adjust the consistency


Take oats in a big bowl, add milk, mix, cover and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, wash, peel and chop beetroot. In a mixer jar, take beetroot, overnight oats and blend. It will become a smooth paste. Add more milk to adjust the consistency, add honey to taste. Top it with fruits and nuts of your choice and serve.


You can blend mangoes or banana along with beetroot too.

Overnight oats is optional. You can use instant oats without soaking too.

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