Daliya porridge

Another easy peasy recipe for you guys 😁Except for Rahyl, no one likes daliya/broken wheat in the family however this milk daliya is loved by all. Rahyl calls it white daliya. Its very easy to make and tastes really yum. Makes a great #breakfast or even a #dessert after dinner🙈 Sharing the written recipe below and a stepwise video, follow the proportion and process, you will get perfect non-sticky daliya everytime.


1/2 cup daliya (broken wheat)
2 cups water
2 to 3 cups of milk (adjust as per the consistency you want)
1 tsp ghee


Roast daliya using ghee in a pan till it turns light brown. Now pressure cook it using water (after one whistle, turn the flame low and cook for another 5 mins and switch off the gas). Later add milk, mix well and bring it to a boil. Done. Switch off the gas. Serve it with fruits, nuts, seeds of your choice.


* I mostly add dry fruits powder and banana to Rahyl’s portion (no added sweetener). I add Jaggery to our portion.

* The quantity easily serves 3 to 4 people. So reduce the quantity of daliya if you want.

* You can also add cardamom powder or saffron to this if you like it.

* Add milk immediately after opening the pressure cooker lid otherwise you will end up having lumps.

[wpvideo bZREasZU data-temp-aztec-id=”9dd5b67f-6f09-4149-b0d4-1deb6f4b02c0″]

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