Freezing tomato Purée

I make tomato purée very often. Last weekend, I decided to make purée of the extra #tomatoes that I had and freeze it for later use. When you have purée available, you can quickly whip up things like pasta or some tomato rice or soup. You can also add it to your paratha/puri dough and you are sorted. These frozen cubes or purée can also be used to make gravy dishes. All you have to do is bhunofy onions and then add these cubes to make gravy (I will keep sharing how I use these in my Instagram stories) or completely skip onions and make the gravy using only tomato purée. You can also use the purée to make #pizzasauce.
Having this #purée ready can ease a lot of cooking.

Sharing written process below, SWIPE for step wise pictures.



Wash all the tomatoes well.

Cut the tips and make slits as shown in the pictures.

Now either steam them or blanch them. I steamed them this time. For blanching process, check ‘recipes’ highlight.

Let it cool down a little and then remove all the peels.

Purée them in a mixer grinder.

Strain using a soup strainer (you will left with seeds only). This step is optional.

Once the purée comes at room temperature, put them in ice trays and freeze.

Once its freezed, transfer them to a ziplock bag or freezer safe boxes.

Use as needed.


Straining the purée is optional.

Freezing them increases shelf life.

If you don’t want to freeze, then store the purée in a clean dry glass bottle and refrigerate. Use it within a week.

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