How to store coriander leaves

Indian cooking is absolutely incomplete without coriander leaves but storing them for a longer period of time is a tricky proposition. I am sharing my tried and tested method of storing here today. Follow all the tips and your coriander leaves will stay fresh for more than 10 days (not even a single leaf will turn brown).


Soak coriander leaves in salt water for 5 to 10 minutes. Later wash it again once or twice with clean water. Spread it nicely in a cloth and let it dry completely. If needed, you can wipe them too using another soft cloth. Also, remove all the black or brown colored leaves if any.

Once it’s dry completely, take one airtight box. Make sure it’s also dry.

DSC_1251 (1)-01.jpeg

Spread one tissue paper on it.

DSC_1256 (1)-01.jpeg

Keep coriander leaves inside it. You can chop it or just remove the roots or keep it with roots too.


Next, cover the coriander leaves with another tissue paper.

DSC_1256 (1)-01.jpeg

Cover the box with the lid, refrigerate, and use as needed.


A few things to remember

* There shouldn’t be any water on the leaves before storing.

* Ensure there are no brown leaves etc before you store it. The leaves will stay fresh after storing but in case you see any brown leaves, remove them immediately.

* Tissue paper needs to be changed in case it gets wet (chances are very less though).

* The same process can be used to store curry leaves (with stems), green chilies (remove the stems), mint leaves.

Hope this post was helpful. Do try out this process if your coriander leaves don’t stay fresh for a long time.

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