Roasted tomato chutney

A simple and delicious chutney made by roasting tomatoes. This chutney goes so well with garma garam phulkas or tandoori rotis and is a family favorite, my father especially loves it. I have learnt making this from my mother. Roasted tomato chutney gets ready within 10 to 15 minutes so makes a perfect side dish on a busy day or when you are in no mood to cook. I had shared a similar chutney recipe on my vegetable momos recipe post, the only difference is that this one is made by roasting tomatoes. The taste of both the chutneys are almost similar however, roasted tomato chutney has a strong flavor because of added mustard oil. I personally find roasting tomatoes easier than steaming/boiling and the burnt flavor enhances the taste too.


7 medium size tomatoes
7 to 8 garlic cloves (add more if you like a strong flavor)
Green chilies, to taste
1 tbsp mustard oil
Salt to taste


Wash the tomatoes well. Make some slits on the skin of the tomatoes so peels comes out easily after roasting.
Now roast them well by putting them on direct flame. I did it on my gas stove. Once done, remove all the black peels, wash if needed.

Now take the tomatoes, garlic, chilies in a mixer jar and blend them together. Once done, take it out in a bowl, add salt and mustard oil. Mix well. Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves (optional) and serve with phulka or momos.


Mustard oil adds to the taste so don’t skip it. However, you can reduce the quantity a little to suit your taste buds.

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