Potato cheese balls

If your child is a cheese lover like mine, then you got to try this recipe. Potato cheese balls are easy to make and very kid-friendly snacks. Crispy from outside and cheesy inside, these are made up of potatoes, paneer, and of course, cheese. The amazing part of this kid-friendly snacks is that it’s made in appe pan with just a few drops of oil. Do you need any more reason to try this snack for your kids? These are so delicious that even adults would love to indulge and these definitely make an amazing appetizer. If you don’t have appe pan, you can bake it or shape them into cutlets and shallow fry them in a pan.

Preparations for this can be done well in advance, just add cheese in the center before having it and fry them. Most of the ingredients used are easily available in the kitchen. I have used pepper powder as a seasoning and most kids can easily tolerate its spice level. You can skip pepper powder and use garam masala or oregano instead.

I have also shared a corn cheese balls recipe that doesn’t use paneer or potato and is made up of milk, cheese, butter. You can find the recipe here.


1 cup grated paneer
1/2 cup boiled grated potatoes
1/2 cup grated cheese
one handful sweet corn kernels (optional)
1 tsp pepper powder
Salt to taste
1/4 cup milk
Bread crumbs or murmura powder for coating
Cheese as needed to stuff the balls


In a mixing bowl, take grated cheese, potatoes and paneer along with salt and pepper powder and mix well. The dough will be smooth. Now add sweet corns and mix again. Divide the dough into lemon sized balls. Next, take one ball in your palm and flatten it using fingers. Put one small cheese piece inside and make a ball again ensuring the stuffed cheese is covered well. Stuff all the balls similarly.

Now dip the balls one by one to milk first and then roll them into bread crumbs. Grease the appe pan well and fry these balls in low heat till they are done. Serve hot with a dip of your choice.


Make sure paneer and potatoes don’t have any moisture otherwise you will have to add some breadcrumbs to it.

Using bread crumbs for coating will give a really nice crust. You can replace bread crumbs with murmura powder but the texture will change.

I have used cheese slices to stuff the balls. You can use any cheese available.

For the binding, I used cheddar cheese. You can use mozzarella or cheese cubes as well.

I make this especially for my little one so don’t add too many spices.

You can sprinkle some red chilly flakes on adult portions or add finely chopped green chilies to the dough.

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